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Customers & Work History

Customers Serviced have included the following:

  • Badr Petroleum Company (Bapetco)
  • Baker Oil Tools
  • Boots & Coots/Seaharvest/NOV
  • Dapetco (South Dabaa Petroleum Company)
  • Drexel Oilfield Equipment
  • ElWaha Petroleum Company
  • Sahara Petroleum Service Company (Sapesco)
  • Total Safety


El Waha Petroleum Co.


MOVA held a contract with  ElWaha from June 2003 through June 2004 for the provision of various transportation equipment


Sahara Petroleum Services (Sapesco)


MOVA has been continuously providing transportation and various heavy lift services to Sapesco from 2000 to date.


Badr Petroleum Company (Bapetco)


MOVA has held several contracts for the provision of trucks and different crane capacities with Bapetco over the years as follows: 


Contract no. OM/933/1 from November 2000 for two years

Contract no.BM/837/998 from November 2000 for two years. 

Contract no. OM/1001/2001 from September 2002 for one year

Contract no. OM/1001/2/20001 from September 2003 for one year and then renewed for an additional year

Contract no. OM/1158/2004 from October 2005 for one year and then renewed for an additional year


Egyptian Drilling Company (EDC)


MOVA has worked with EDC under their contract no. 4/1 from January – December 2001.


South Dabaa Petroleum Company (Dapetco)


MOVA has supplied a 50 Ton Crane to Dapetco under contract no. C196/07 for two consecutive years (2007 – 2009)


Khalda Petroleum Company


MOVA has had regularly renewed contracts with Khalda for the provision of Equipment Loaders


Baker Oil Tools (BOT)


MOVA has provided long-term rental of trucks and lifting equipment to BOT from June 2006 to September 2009


Total Safety


MOVA has provided rental of trucks and lifting equipment to Total Safety since 2001


Boots & Coots


From May 1st 2009 to date, MOVA is providing Boots & Coots with 2 x 50 Ton Cranes


Drexel Oilfield Equipment

Drexel has  continuously utilized MOVA’s transportation services in addition to an 80 Ton crane since April 2009


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